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NFT Blockchain
Jul 24, 2019

Japan's first trading card using NFT

For the first time in Japan, the trading card was converted to NFT. The trading card (2D) of the famous idol group "SKE48" in Japan is converted to NFT and sold.

SKE48's NFT Digital Trading Card (2D) is being developed as an alternative to regular raw photos at Corona. Issued 6500 NFT trading cards, all sold out.

After that, it was resold at Coincheck, but 70% of the sales were purchased on the first day of sales, and sales were about 2 million yen.

What is an NFT Digital Trading Card?

Unlike conventional digital trading cards, the number of trading cards issued, exchange history, ownership, etc. are all recorded on the blockchain as data, and anyone can check it online. This guarantees the authenticity of the trading card, so it can maintain its rarity and uniqueness.

In addition, by holding unique data backed by the blockchain, fans can trade cards on the secondary distribution market NFTex.

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